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Hands at the ten and two position…The wheel turned to the twelve o’clock position… Your car should be moving straight ahead within its lane. You should not have to be correcting your steering direction, yet for some reason your vehicle keeps veering to the left causing you a headache every time you set out on a trip. Your alignment needs help. There is only one place in the Stoughton, WI area to go for alignment maintenance and that is Conant Automotive, Inc.

Locally owned by Joe and Erin Conant, their shop has been praised for their detail in services and high quality customer satisfaction. They have dedicated their professional lives to their craft and alignment in Stoughton, WI is part of that craft. Joe and Erin, along with their staff of certified, expert technicians, work on alignment of any make or model, car or truck, domestic or imports. They do not just do alignment on individual vehicles, but also service alignment on any size fleet a business owner may have.

They don’t just move you in and out, but at Conant Automotive they provide careful and accurate counsel on your individual situation and how to proceed with alternative options. Alignment in Stoughton, WI needs to be maintained and serviced to get the most out of one’s vehicle or fleet. A lack thereof, would result in unneeded and costly services down the road. Conant Automotive, Inc. prides itself in their ability to get you back on the road safely and that is why they provide all their services on most makes and models with a lifetime warranty. They truly care about their customers and the safety of all their fellow community members.

So, next time you need alignment services in Stoughton, WI stop in and let Joe, Erin, and their team of expert technicians at Conant Automotive, Inc. assess your situation and provide you with their stellar service. You do not want your car to continue to veer out of that lane or off the road. Keep those hands at ten and two and keep that car moving in the straight and correct direction.

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