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Hugging a turn, speeding down a highway, or coming to screeching halt, all these actions are direly affected by a vehicle’s tires. Lack of replacement, repair, and rotation can result in blown out tires, alignment issues, and many other hazards on the highway. Do not fret and look no further because Conant Automotive, Inc. of Stoughton, WI is here to help.

In 2006, Joe and Erin Conant opened Conant Automotive, Inc. with the goal to give high quality vehicle and customer service. Along with their expert vehicle technicians, Joe and Erin provide the best feedback, advice, and service on all tires if you are within the Stoughton, WI. They don’t just sell you on a tire, but assess each individual situation and provide their expert counsel with advice and alternatives to exactly what needs to be done with your tires. They have been held in high regards as to their detailed service and customer satisfaction and have earned the trust of their community around them. If you are in need of tires in the Stoughton, WI, then Conant Automotive, Inc. is your perfect solution. They service not only individual vehicles, but also any size fleet. They will help with tires on any car or truck, as well as domestic and imports. Tires in and around Stoughton, WI is their business.

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Not only will they provide you their expert feedback on tires in a timely fashion, but they also provide a lifetime warranty on all services (this included on most makes and models). Joe and Erin Conant have dedicated their professional lives to providing the best repair, rotation, and replacement on tires in Stoughton, WI. They may not be the biggest shop, but that does not stop them from providing big time customer service and expert analysis. If you are in or around the Stoughton, WI area looking for new tires, then look no further than Conant Automotive, Inc. Your safety is their business. They are well aware that tire service is not on the top of anyone’s list to deal with, so they will make it as seamless and timely as possible before you get back on the road safely.

Remember a bad tire, lack or rotation or replacement can result in road hazards. Anyone needing tires in Stoughton, WI. head down to Conant Automotive, Inc. and let Joe and Erin take care of you.

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